Summer Animation with ReelFX Studios

“Not Again” was produced during a ten-week summer animation course in which three teams of six created 30-second animations in collaboration with artists from ReelFX Studios in Dallas.

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The short was featured at the 2014 Siggraph Conference Dailies along with two other animations as “Dam Robots: Collaborative Animation between Texas A&M and ReelFX Studios”. The presentation was voted 8th best out of 43.

Not Again was also accepted at the 2014 Texas Independent Film Festival in College Station Texas.

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As lead of Story and Layout, I storyboarded and oversaw camera work and shot composition throughout the production and created, edited, and added sound to weekly story and layout animatics.

I also modeled the baby character and several background objects, animated shots 2, 7, and 8, added finishing touches to the other six, and was in charge of all sound design and editing for the finished animation.