Life Updates

Howdy all! It’s time for a long-in-coming update on what I’ve been up to for the past half-year.

A lot has happened since last I posted progression videos of Rare Model and Spider. For one thing I had my MFA defense, my MFA show featuring all the work I’ve done for Spider, and graduated with an MFA in Visualization in December 2016!

I accepted a full-time position at Triseum, a game studio in Bryan Texas that specializes in Learning games for higher education. I now work there as an Associate Producer working to produce the next generation of tools for college students and instructors!

As the Sprint 2017 Semester started up myself and the rest of the former Chillennium executive team ceded the reigns to a new generation of student leaders. While we may check in from time to time, it’s high time we step out of the spot light and let someone else handle the monumental task of making the world’s largest student-run, student-participant game jam bigger and better! Who knows, I might come back as a judge or a mentor in the Fall. Follow the action at!

Adam Rothstein and the rest of the Rare Model team are hard at work doing post-processing on the film. Keep an eye out for the finished product (and for Adam’s graduation in the Summer)!

On the home front, I’ve gotten into gardening and D&D and I’ve started writing speeches for Supercult West, the California-based sister organization to the original Supercult Show that was started at Texas A&M VIZ Lab. Most of the regulars at Supercult West are former A&M Students who now work at Dreamworks, Disney, and Pixar, and I hope they enjoy my special brand of hyptacular speeches. Nothing says a great time with friends quite like drinking every time there’s a dutch-angle in the classic film Battlefield Earth! Keep up to date with the best of the worst cinema has to offer at!

I’m working on removing many of the progress videos of Spider from the internet in preparation for submitting it to festivals, so don’t be surprised if you find a missing link here or there. Feel free to point them out to me!

Thanks for listening, and as one of my old friends at the VIZ Lab is fond of saying, “VIZ Long and Phosphor!”


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