Spider: Rough Draft 2

Changes include lighting updates, a rearranging and update of a few of the shots in the Day 2 falling sequence, and a few timing things throughout. The majority of these changes are in the space of “can I see what’s going on” and “do I understand what’s going on”. About 2/3 of the shots changed in some way.

“Hey Cameron!” you might say, “Why are all these animatics dated a few days prior to when you post them?”

Well that’s because they’re dated for when I render them. It takes a few days for me to watch the animatic, take notes, upload it to YouTube, and then post it. Somewhere in that process I may re-render the animatic to fix egregious errors or flat out broken videos.Things happen, ya know? And I often want to catch them before I put them up on the internet (or decide that I WANT to show off crazy broken WIP stuff).

Where can I go from here?

  • Well there are a few areas I’m looking at that could have better animation (layout animation, mind you, not full animation) to convey basic emotion of the spider.
  • Another is adding depth of field to every shot (which will take a long time to troubleshoot and render, but potentially ramp the quality up by an order of magnitude).
  • Another is Editing which includes:
    • Sound, which always helps with communication and conveyance of the story
    • Transitions, like making cuts into dissolves and adding some frames of black where appropriate
    • Burn-ins, like time codes and shot numbers, which make it easier to make later changes

Most of the editing changes will help communicate better but are also sort of a pain to go back and re-do if I decide that changes to shot length or shot order need to be made afterwards.

We’ll see…


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