Spider Tree 2

In my earlier post I talked about the new story direction for spider and the importance of the new tree. I like to call this tree the ‘grass is greener tree’, but for the sake of efficiency we’ll just call it Tree 2.

Seeing as how I’ve already made a tree (and a post about modeling a tree) let’s speed this up!


Always start with reference! This reference is of a particularly picturesque tree in front of the Langford C Architecture Building at Texas A&M (I work on the third floor most days).

L-systems? Outsourcing? Indecision? Pshh, that stuffs for people who HAVEN’T made  a low-poly stylized, triangulated tree once before!

Random reader: “Progress shots are fine and all, but I liked it when I could see all the different models all together in one shot!”


Here are some shots of the final model of tree 2 (right) alongside the old model of tree 1 (left):

Screenshot from 2016-05-30 13_41_38Screenshot from 2016-05-30 13_40_36

This new tree will only be seen from far away and the camera will never get close enough to see anything but the major features and silhouette. I had the liberty of being a little less anal about how tree 2 looked, especially up close.

With all the story changes, it’s sort of amazing that I only needed to add 1 new asset into the mix. Let’s hope nothing else major pops out of the woodwork.


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