Animation 101 Presentation

At first I hesitated to post these presentations out of order (that order being the order in which they would take place during production). I created these presentations in the order I was most familiar with them and I left the parts of the pipeline I was weakest in till the end. Some of those presentations, like Rigging, are still not ready to be shown, but I decided that I might as well post the ones I did have rather than wait around.

Here is the link to my presentation on animation:

As always, I don’t claim to be an expert in animation, but I’ve put a solid amount of research into this presentation in order to make it as informative as possible without being overwhelming or overly technical. The presentation goes over a brief history of animation, the 12 principles of animation, some notes on different animation styles, some technical aspects and things you should be aware of when approaching computer animation, and the animation process itself.

Please feel free to use it, learn from it, and let me know if you think I could improve it. I hope for all of these presentations to be living documents that continue to improve as time goes on!


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