WAKE: Permanent Hiatus

Kelly Kin, the director of Project WAKE has accepted a position at Walt Disney Animation Studios. With her working remotely and dwindling support for the massive project, Kelly has decided to officially relinquish the position of director and declare WAKE an ‘open source’ project. All the assets and shots are currently sitting on the VIZ Lab project space ready and waiting for a new leader and a new team to finish it.

For myself, I have to look towards my own graduation and focus on Spider. I have rendered out final animatic that includes scratch sound, music and the latest finalized frames from the lighting and compositing team. There is still a lot of work left undone, but we’ve come a long way in a very short time.

WAKE is by far the longest and most ambitious project I have ever worked on. It’s a shame that I will probably never see the finished version of the animation, but my time on the project has been filled with exciting challenges and fond memories.

I wish Kelly and the rest of the WAKE team well.

Time to wake up and move on…


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