A&M at FMX and Not Again at ITFS

Last week I took a week long trip to Stuttgart, Germany to attend the annual FMX conference and the International Trickfilm Festival.

Not Again was accepted to the Festival of Animated Film in the Young Animation category so my colleague Amy Richards, who worked with me on the project, and I made plans to attend the screening. In the process we discovered that our school, Texas A&M was planning to have a booth at the FMX conference which runs alongside ITFS each year. After a bit of negotiating, we were able to get the Department of Visualization to help pay for our trip in return for us manning the booth at FMX. The week was spent exploring Stuttgart, attending FMX events, hyping our alma mater, eating German food, drinking German beer, and having fun with the VIZ students who were currently taking their semester away at Bonn Germany and were spending the last week of their semester in Stuttgart for the conference. I even managed to take a few cues from Amy and get some mildly artsy photos during the trip!

Not Again was screened twice during the festival. Though we didn’t win any awards, it was an amazing experience. I hope to submit future work to the festival in hopes for more opportunities for European vacatio- uh, I mean, business trips.


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