Modeling 101 Presentation

As part of my time as a Teaching Assistant and then as an Instructor of Record at the Texas A&M Department of Visualization, I have developed a series of presentations on the different aspects of the computer animation production pipeline.

Following the link below will take you to the second of the presentations I’ve made so far: Modeling 101.

I don’t claim to be a tier 1 modeler, but I’ve put a solid amount of research into this presentation in order to make it as informative as possible without being overwhelming or overly technical. In this presentation, unlike the Layout 101 presentation, I would encourage instructors to include a workshop section in which both student and instructor open Maya or your 3D modeling package of choice and follow along with the presentation to go over some of the basics. The full presentation should take somewhere between 1.5 and 2 hours if you watch only clips from the videos included. I would recommend breaking up the lecture into two parts, the first part ending right after talking about image planes, and the second part starting the section on Topology.
Please feel free to use it, learn from it, and let me know if you think I could improve it. I hope for all of these presentations to be living documents that continue to improve as time goes on.


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