Spider: Visual Reference

Originally, Spider was meant to be something that I could accomplish in a single semester. Go in, do some awesome camera work, get out. Like a tactical SWAT animation, if you will. As such, I originally intended to use low-poly modeling to speed up the process.

To start with I found other low-poly animations that I admired…

Animations and films that achieved a similar slow, anticipatory mood to what I hoped for…

And websites or images that got close to the style I pictured in my head…


However, after speaking a very long time with Brian Smith, a friend and fellow graduate student at the VIZ Lab who is sort of a connoisseur of low-poly art, I learned a lot about the style that I was attempting to pirate.

For anyone interested, you should read this very interesting and informative article:

Brian told me that there are basically 2 main camps in the low-poly scene these days.

The first follows in the footsteps of the forefather of the low-poly aesthetic, Timothy J. Reynolds. Reynolds style emphasizes clean, organized edge flow and appealing lighting and surfacing. Reynolds himself refers to his pieces as 3D illustrations.

The other is less interested in creating pretty pictures and more interested in breaking conformity and seems to be the low-poly avant garde. Purposely garish, but somehow fascinating all the same, these artists both repel and attract with every frame.

Brian sent me this video as sort of the epitome of this idea:

So now I have a decision to make as to the style of Spider. Do I want the cleaner, more illustrative style of Reynolds, or do I want to totally embrace my original “stick it to the man” concept?

Hold please. I have some thinking to do…


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