Spider: Story and Layout Animatics

Hey, remember Spider? Remember all the BS about peaches and butterflies and implications of spider heaven?

Yeah, screw all that biz. It’s time to get all existential in this b#$*!

After vetting the Spider idea with my classmates and professors, I’ve decided to expand what was once meant to be nothing more than a quick experiment in visual storytelling with camera work and perhaps a little bit of a rebellion against student animation tropes into a full blown MFA body of work. It’s gunna be a long, hard road people, but I know it’ll be worth it.

Also, I need to graduate, so, yeah…

The new Spider focusses on stillness, slow pacing, and an overall sense of waiting for something that will never come. In the film the Spider hungrily waits for a fly or other insect to fly into its web, all the while battling the elements of the harsh desert environment. The audience knows, intellectually, that there probably isn’t any food for the spider in this environment and the best option for the spider is probably just to find a new place to build his web. But the spider doesn’t know this. He’s just a spider. And what do Spiders do? They wait…and wait…and wait…

I want to maintain my ideas of visual storytelling through camera work, so I’m going to do my best to make the camera do all the work of making the audience empathize with the spider. I don’t want the spider to be cute, or disney-fied in any way. Spiders are gross, but if I’m a good layout artist and visual storyteller, I should be able to make the audience at least feel sorry for the spider by the end of the piece.

I’ll be working on tightening up the story, the pacing, and the layout while I look for collaborators and start building finalized assets. Now that the project has been expanded I really have no idea when I hope to finish.
Then again I need to graduate, so, yeah…


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