The Supercult Show!


Do you like movies? Do you like BAD movies?? Do you like getting together with friends and having a blast watching BAD movies?!?

If so, then the Supercult Show is for you! The Supercult show is dedicated to sampling the movies that are So incredible, mind-numbingly bad, that they actually sorta rock!

Movies like:

  • Face/Off
  • Hard Ticket to Hawaii
  • Armageddon
  • Batman: The Movie
  • Suburban Commando
  • The Wizard
  • Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
  • Deadly Prey
  • Miami Connection
  • Flash Gordon
  • Garzey’s Wing
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Timecop
  • Kazaam
  • Con Air
  • Samurai Cop
  • Zardoz
  • The Rock
  • Torque
  • Manos: Hands of Fate
  • The Room
  • Trolls 2
  • Robot Jox
  • The Roller Blade Seven
  • Jingle All the Way
  • Vampire’s Kiss
  • Hell Comes to Frogtown
  • Anaconda
  • Earth Girls are Easy
  • Bad Boys II

And many many more!

Howdy all you Supercultists out there on the interwebz! I’m Bad Movie Professor Cameron Coker(BS in “So Bad it’s Good” with a minor in Jeff Goldblum) and I be post my hype-tacular speeches every week along with some long lost speeches from past Supercult Shows on the Supercult show blog!

Don’t forget the rules! Take a scream anytime you see the following:

  • Explosions!
  • Death!
  • Doves!
  • Slow Motion!
  • Man Ass!
  • Sexy Jazz!
  • Face Touching!
  • Saying the title of the movie in the movie!

If you’re interested in the best of the best of the WORST, then head on over and read some of my writings. If you want to know more about Supercult or if you want to suggest a movie for us to watch, visit the official Supercult website!

You know you want to!

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